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We Are Also A We!

Can you live a sense8 life?

Have you seen the series Sense8 on Netflix?

It is a brilliant creative expression of the concepts of consciousness.

Which is why Zac and Sheila were inspired to host a podcast using this show as a framework to explore how we can each evolve to living in these states of consciousness in our real life experiences.

Sense8 was created by the Wachowski Twins known for The Matrix back (1999), along with J. Michael Straczynski known for Babylon 5 (1994).

The world is ready for their creative genius and we are dedicated to supporting them in bringing this understanding into reality.

The phenomena is sweeping the world bringing fans from around the world together.

In this introductory episode Zac and Sheila tell you who they are (Juicy details), why they started Live Sense8 and why discovering this podcast could be the best thing to happen to you today.

Most importantly they tell you who each of them got on the “Who’s your sense8 soulmate” quiz and which character they feel most alike. (Sheila’s answer may surprise you)

No worries if you have not yet had the opportunity to watch this incredible series.  In this first episode Sheila and Zac give you tips on how to experience the full brilliance of Sense8 for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to Sarah Applegate for audio editing, Justin Applegate for composing and producing the opening music and of course Zac Hansen whose Technical Mastermind made this all possible!

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