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“What Family Actually Means”

In this episode of the Live Sense8 Podcast, Zac and Sheila dive deep into What Family Actually Means , Season 2 episode 9 of the Netflix Original Series Sense8.

This episode offers an opportunity to explore the multilayers and dimensions of family from biological to sensate and everything in between.

Who doesn’t feel the pressure of family dynamics at a siblings wedding? Sheila and Zac explore Nomi’s unhealthy family dynamics from every angle with a bit of compassion mixed into the frustration.

The pressure to decide between career and family is explore through many character storylines. Kala’s storyline explores the pressure placed on women to decide between career and family. Silas says the easiest decisions are those that benefit both work and family. While Will explores the conflict of his father’s career on his own childhood.
The cluster also offers a backdrop to explore soul family beyond the physical family dynamics.

The single scene of Riley visiting Will’s father in the Hospital offers a culmination of the multilayers of family, from Wills relationship to his father, the police officers’ relationship to each other and Riley’s relationship to Will.
Sheila and Zac end this episode with a discussion about death as a gateway to further explore relationship with those we love.

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