LS8 07 A State Of Grace With Maximillienne Ewalt - The Live sense8 Cover Art -

A State Of Grace ~ Interview with Maximilienne Ewalt

How does Maximilienne live a sense 8 life?

Grace - Amanitas mother - Played by Maximillienne Ewalt -

In this episode, Sheila and Zac interview Maximilienne Ewalt

Who plays Grace (Amanita’s mom) in the Sense8 Series.

If you fell in love with her nurturing wisdom in Sense8 you will love her even more in person. As she says; she basically plays herself.

Maximilienne shares what it is really like to work with the Wachowskis and where the idea for Sense8 originated.

Sheila and Zac invite Maximilienne into a conversation about some of the profound sentiments expressed in her lines as Grace.


Keeping it real, Maximilienne reminisces about her first Red Carpet Interview.

Oh! Make sure you listen for the Easter eggs Maximilienne shares as she sets us on a treasure hunt to uncover her pivotal scene in the upcoming special.

These three had so much to discuss they recorded for hours. So be sure to check out the uncut version on Patreon.

Maximilienne Ewalt and Martin Erhartd Living a Sense 8 Life!


Of course, Maximilienne shared how Sense8 has impacted her life and how she sees herself living a Sense8 life through connections and advocacy including her involvement with the Sense8 Mural in San Francisco.

The day after recording, Maximilienne followed up with this beautiful note:

Dear Sheila and Zac,

Since our conversation, I’ve been more aware of and tuned in to all the “sense8bilities” that we, I have and live every day.

Whenever we can be there for a friend, or anyone really, in need, is another way of living a Sense8 life.

Last night I found myself talking on the phone to a friend who’s been struggling deeply for a few years now, PTSD.

I found myself reading to her. I suggested she get in bed with a hot water bottle, which she did, while I read to her. I will do that every night this week, as she said it made her feel a lot better.

My point is that most of us I think, do this naturally with those we care about.

The question is, how can we extend a helping hand when needed, to those we don’t know?

Of course, every time one donates blood or money or goods to those in need, they are living a Sense8 life.

I love the purpose of your podcast as it makes us think more about how we live and how we hopefully wish to evolve into more compassionate, and caring human beings who can help alleviate suffering and make the world a little gentler.

 Maximilienne Ewalt


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