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 Evangelic James Motlow:

Art Is Love Made Public

In this episode Evangelic James Motlow and his Sweetie, Maximilienne Ewalt (aka Neet’s Mom) join Sheila Applegate and Zac Hansen. Maximilienne shares more details about the Sense8 Mural Project.

Mama Grace aka Maximilienne Ewalt and Artist Deirdre Weinberg stop by to share an update about the Sense8 Mural Project. Deirdre shares her inspiration and the meaning behind the image chosen for the mural. Maximilienne shares her experience promoting the Mural Project at the San Francisco Pride parade.

Please support this amazing Project at

Then Sheila and Zac dive into a lively discussion with James Motlow about is experience meeting the Wachowski’s and being welcomed into the Sense8 family.

You were first introduced to James in Episode LS8 18: { Special } Sense 8 “Amor Vincit Omnia” Chicago Screening. You know his enthusiasm for spreading the Good News of Sense8. But did you also realize he is an accomplished Photographer?

In this episode, James shares how Sense8 has changed his life and his art.

James talks about his book Bitter Melon: Inside America’s Last Rural Chinese Town.

Bitter Melon by Jeff Gillenkirk and James Motlow

To order Bitter Melon, use web site, or email James Motlow at

The I Am Also A We Con has now announced that Maximilienne Ewalt (Grace) Mumbi Maina ( Zakia) and Michael Sommers (Bug) will all be attending the November Con in Berlin. Three of our favorite people to hang with so grab your tickets and support their fundraising at

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