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“Smart Money is on the Skinny Bitch”

Why is this the episode title?

“Smart Money Is On the Skinny Bitch” is a great line, but why make it the Episode title?

We know that the title within this series is always intended to direct our attention to an important scene. Zac and Sheila Discuss what makes this scene such a pivotal point in the series.

But First, Sheila finds an Easter Egg in this Episode as the writers speak to us about their own creative direction through Lito’s director. This may be one of the first signs that Sense8 would cross lines and create a relationship with its fans.

Triggered by Sun’s Mother’s dying words to her young daughter, Sheila discusses why it is so important to continue communication with loved ones who have died. Zac shares a story about his own mother’s death and how he later was able to reconnect with her to heal their past and begin anew.

Exploring the developing pharmaceutical counterfeiting story-line that begins to weave between Kala in Dubai and Capheus in Nairobi, leads to an in-depth conversation about corporations, governments and the individuals within them. Then of course, there is the ongoing discussion of who can we trust, and Jonas’s sage advice reminding us to trust ourselves.

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Paris Sense8con March 3-4

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