LS8 10 [Interview] Legendary!! with Paul Ogola - The Live Sense8 Cover Art Square -


Let’s get naked with Paul Ogola

In this episode, Sheila ( and Zac interview Paul Ogola who plays Jela  (Best friend to Capheus aka Van Damme) in the Netflix Original Series Sense8.

Could you ask for a more loyal, supportive and entertaining friend than Jela?

Paul gets naked as he shares his inspiration for his depiction of Jela and how playing this character had a profound impact on his own life.

'So long as we live what the show try's to tell us about humanity and life Sense 8 is always forever' - Paul OgolaClick To Tweet

We are starting to see a pattern here as Paul reflects on the majestic synergy of working on the set of Sense8.

Sheila and Zac invite Paul into a conversation about some of their favorite Jela scenes.

Paul shares how Sense8 has impacted his life and how he aspires to an even deeper connection through meditation

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