LS8 13 [Interview] Course It's You Buddy! with Michael Sommers - -The Live Sense 8 Cover Art

“Course it’s you buddy!!” with Michael Sommers!

Can you pay the Sense 8 way forward?

In this episode, Sheila and Zac interview Michael Sommers who plays loveable quirky BUG, the Black-Market Hacker with a Heart of Gold, in the Netflix Original Series Sense8.

Could the cluster ask for a more dependable sidekick to get them out of their predicaments?

Michael shares with Sheila and Zac his back story for Bug’s character as well as how both he and Bug experienced a deeper sense of inclusion during the upcoming Special.

Yup, one more Sense8 actor gushing over the brilliance, creativity and way of being that is Lana Wachowski.

Are you an inspiring actor?

Michael shares with you some tips he learned during his Sense8 experience including the two secret qualities Lana looks for in an actor.

Of course, Sheila and Zac invite Michael into a conversation about some of their favorite Bug scenes.

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Michael also reflects on Sense8’s revolutionary way of filming and production with the international representation of actors.

He also answers your twitter questions including a couple teasers about the upcoming June 8th Series Special.

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