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Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye

In this episode of Live Sense8, Zac and Sheila dive deep into, Death Doesn’t Let You Say Good Bye Season 1 Episode 9 of the Netflix Original Series Sense8.

Sheila and Zac begin with a deeper reflection into what is going on within the cluster during this this episode.

Triggered by Yrsa ‘s words, Sheila launches into a heated discussion (mostly with herself) about love verses fear, trusting one’s intuition, and why Jonas’s character is essential to the message of Sense8.  When Sheila stops for a breath, Zac chimes with his own profound insights on these topics.

'An Apology That Is Also An Anthem' Hernando in Sense8Click To Tweet

Inspired by Nomi and Lito’s conversation which also includes a flashback to Lito and Hernando’s first date, Zac reflects on what  love in a relationship actually looks like. And the difference of what we work for and what we live for.

'There is a difference in what we work for and what we live for. ' - Nomi in Sense8Click To Tweet

Sheila and Zac explore the importance of the Episodes title, Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye and conclude that:

'Some endings become beginnings' Capheus in Sense8Click To Tweet

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