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Sense 8’s “Amor Vincit Omnia” Aftermath!

In this episode of Live Sense8, Zac and Sheila take their first dive into, Amor Vincit Omnia the Special  Season 2 Finale Episode of the Netflix Original Series Sense8.

Please note there are major SPOILERS in this episode so if you are following the podcast episode by episode while you watch the series for the first time, be sure to skip this one and come back later.

Zac and Sheila share their feelings about the Kala’s romantic choice.

Sheila shares why she thinks the final scene is so important and they explore the meaning of Bug being in the orgy scene.

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Sheila and Zac  discuss all the Feels of having finally seen the Special and they share a list of where they intend to direct their Sense8 energy  and attention.

The I Am Also A We Con

Organizers stopped by the show  to announce the launch of their Indiegogo fundraising campaign.  This is the first non-profit Sense8 Con so let’s help make this happen. Trusting the Fundraiser reaches its goal, the  I Am Also A We Con will be this November 1 & 2 in Berlin Germany. Please support the campaign by donating and sharing the link with others.

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