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LS8 21 { Special } Michael Sommers (aka Bug) talks “Amor Vincit Omnia” and More!

In this episode, Sheila Applegate and Zac are joined by Michael Sommers who plays lovable quirky BUG, in the Netflix Original Series Sense8. Together they Dive Deep into the recently released Special, Amor Vincit Omnia.

Discover what single line Lana identifies as the Thesis of this Special episode, the importance of Janet and Nomi’s conversation and why Michael thinks Bug was in the final scene.

Take the wild ride that occurs when this triad dives into a discussion about higher consciousness.

“If the puppet string is yanking and it’s not pulling on your puppet then the puppeteer has no power. “ Michael Sommers ( Bug in #sense8)Click To Tweet

Deep right?!

Michael has a lot of stories to share and including an animal story that leads to a discussion about the time/space continuum.

“People need stories as much as they need bread” Michael Sommers’ ProfessorClick To Tweet

But that is not all…

Mama Grace aka Maximilienne Ewalt and Artist Deirdre Weinberg stop by to share an update about the Sense8 Mural Project. Please support this amazing Project at

The I Am Also A We Con has now announced that Maximilienne Ewalt (Grace) Mumbi Maina ( Zakia) and Michael Sommers (Bug) will all be attending the November Con in Berlin. Three of our favorite people to hang with so  grab your tickets and support their fundraising at

Martin Erhardt is taking final submissions for the Sense8 Is My Life Documentary. Pull out your camera and make a short video of how Sense8 has affected you then send to Martin at

This episode is actually excerpts of the Bonus Discussion with Michael Sommers which was released to our Patrons a few weeks ago. There is a lot of extra Bug bonus material for all of our Sensate Patrons  so be sure to listen through your secret link to get all the luscious Michael extras.  (or if you want in, simply join at the Sensate level now and get access to the bonus fun.)

Be sure to visit Michael’s website, for all his upcoming events and releases.

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