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Happy F*cking New Year

Part 2

In this episode of Live Sense8, Zac and Sheila dive deep into the second half of Happy F*cking New Year, Season 2 Episode 1 of the Netflix Original Series Sense8.

Cameo Alert: Did you catch Sense8 Creator, Lana Wachowski  walking by Wolfgang and Felix on the streets of Berlin during the New Year’s Eve Celebration?

This episode is so full of action and concepts of consciousness Zac and Sheila decided to break it down into two parts. This week they discuss the second half of the two-hour episode. As stated last week, many of scenes from this episodes were already discussed in interviews with Michael Sommers , Purab KohliPaul Ogola, Maximilienne Ewalt and Ethan Stoller which freed them up to dive even deeper into the subtler concepts present in this special episode.

Join Sheila and Zac as they explore the multilevel perspectives of Empathy, Superstition, Beliefs, and Acceptance presented in this episode.


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Zac and Sheila join Capheus, Kala and Wolfgang as they explore this idea.

Can Lito’s mom be any more amazing? Zac and Sheila explore the scene in which she expresses her love and acceptance for Lito.


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AND Then it is New Year’s Eve.

Slid ever so gently into the chaos of Celebration, is one of the most profound lines of the series.


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Woah! Sheila and Zac have some things to say about this!

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Now More Than Ever, Trusting Your Intuition Is Essential. Consciously Awesome Strengthens Your Inner Compass.

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