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Sense 8 Superfan Siddy Nickhead


In this episode Maximilienne Ewalt  who plays Grace on Netflix Original Series Sense8, explains in detail the cancellation of San Francisco Sense8 mural project. Then Super Fan and Writer, Siddy Nickhead shares how Sense8 changed her life.

Siddy Nickhead (Sidanthi Siriwardena) joins the podcast from Sri Lanka. You probably recognize Siddy from her many articles about Sense8 found on Media Rants, Whats on Netflix and Netflix Life.

If you have been hanging anywhere in the Sense8 social media fandom you have probably met Siddy who is a Sense8 Campaigner.  She is one of the administrators of the Sense8 Fandom Official Facebook Group and a member of the I Am We Campaign.

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Siddy shares the story of how Sense8 has changed her life. You will be surprised to hear what she was like before Sense8.

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Zac, Sheila and Siddy explore the profound impact that Sense8 has on people who struggle to navigate their empathic gifts.

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But first, Maximilienne Ewalt who plays Amanita’s mom Grace on Sense8, stops by to share the details that led up to the heartbreaking cancellation of the San Francisco Mural Projects. More importantly she offers hope and advice to people inspired to donate time and money to future mural projects.

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