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Obligate Mutualisms

In this episode of Live Sense8, Zac and Sheila dive deep into, Obligate Mutualisms Episode 3 in Season 2 of the Netflix Original Series Sense8.

Why do life’s moments of joy always seem to be followed by chaos?

Does pain really create the strongest intimacy in human relationships?

Are we somehow addicted to the chaos and struggle?

Triggered by the constant battle facing the Cluster, Sheila brings Zac along on an intricate exploration about human nature and the stories we tell.

Zac is excited about the introduction of new cluster into the storyline of this episode and the two hosts discuss the dance of sexual energies beyond the physical realm.

Sheila’s favorite character, Jonas gives sage advice about the BPO as well as life when he says:

'What I do know is there is always an us and a them even in a tightly controlled them like BPO' Jonas in Sense8Click To Tweet

This scene combined with the Scene in which Crooms explains the concept  Obligate Mutualisms reflected in episodes title, sparks Sheila’s imagination, leading to a lengthy discussion about Sheila’s newly formed conspiracy theory about why Sense8 was canceled after this season.  You are going to want to hear this. Be sure to give us your take on her possible theory.

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