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Polyphony With Heaven

In this episode, Sheila and Zac are joined by Guest Host, Heather Fletcher aka Sensate Heaven. The trio dive deep into the concepts of consciousness in  Polyphony, Season 2,  Episode 4 of Netflix Original Series Sense8.

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Before they dive into the episode, Heaven announces a secret BOGO code to win her new Sense8 pin which will be released with this episode.

Have you seen the other pins she makes? She designed a Sun pin inspired by this very episode.

Polyphony is the style of simultaneously combining a number of parts, each forming an individual melody and harmonizing with each other.

Sheila, Zac and Heaven create a polyphony of their own as they create a melody of conversations which include Drama, Music, Water, Religion and Tomato Soup.

Wait what? Tomato Soup?

Yup! Have a listen to find out just what Heaven is willing to do to get Sheila to reveal her homemade Tomato Soup Recipe!

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Follow this triad down the rabbit hole of consciousness as they explore the depth of insights infused in this episode and discover on of Zac’s top ten favorite lines in Sense8.

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Be sure to check out Sensate Heavens Etsy page to collect your Sense8 pins.

And listen to her interviews with Paul Ogola and Maximilienne Ewalt on Nerks Of The Hub Podcast.

If you have reached the Sense8 Season 2 finale, take a moment to read her review.

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